Newsletter | September 15, 2005

Multi-Functional Handheld Calibrator Just Got Smarter

Billerica, MA - The smartest handheld calibrator just got smarter. GE Industrial, Sensing launched its latest calibrator in the DPI 800 series, the DPI 880. This four-in-one hand-held device provides multi-level, cross-parameter measurements, allowing users to accurately record their measurements 15 to 50% faster than before, with a level of accuracy not equaled in this category.

"At GE, we are constantly scrutinizing our customers' needs" says Jim Henke, Product Manager at GE industrial Sensing, "Based on our own history grounded in manufacturing and innovative technology, we have developed DPI 880 that will allow engineers and technicians to perform their duties much faster than before, at the touch of a button."

The DPI 880's data logging capability means that the users will no longer need to carry additional tools. The high precision measurement provides superior full-scale accuracy for electrical, temperature, pressure and flow parameters. These features combined with the programmable capabilities of the DPI 880 allow the user to obtain high precision data and address any issue in as much time as it takes to press a button, saving thus valuable operating time. For example, the DPI 880 can accurately test switches, trips and alarms and print the results in 5 minutes, while a traditional device would take up to 40 minutes and would require manual data entry. Thermocouple transmitter calibrations may take up to an hour using a conventional (older, more dated) tool that requires the use of look-up tables. The DPI 880 is capable of providing the ready to print results in just 5 minutes.

The DPI 880 uses an Intelligent Digital Output Sensor (IDOS™), a GE Sensing proprietary communications interface, which provides customers' the benefit of ‘plug-n-play' pressure modules covering 32 pressure ranges from 10 inH2O to 10,000 psi (25mbar to 700bar).

The DPI 880 measures and sources milliamps, millivolts, volts, ohms, frequency, thermocouples, RTDs, pulses and pressure, captures switch values and provides 24 volt loop power. As such, the DPI 880 is a powerful tool for testing, configuring and calibrating virtually any process parameter. Dual readings of both input and output parameters simplify calibration and system diagnostics, reducing the amount of service time required by technicians. The ultra-compact and lightweight meter is half the size and 35% lighter than comparable competitive models.

DPI 880 shares common features with the other DPI 800 Series models including a large, bright, backlit, full graphic display for easy reading in poor lighting conditions. Users benefit from the full graphic capability of the screen that creates multi-level readings and in depth reports. The rubberized exterior makes the DPI 880 an outstandingly robust device in rugged process field conditions that wear other meters out before their time. The calibrator has a built-in Hart® loop resistor which alleviates the need to add an inline resistor when calibrating Hart devices.

"With the DPI 880, you can have one calibrator that measures every process parameter you need," says Henke. "The DPI 880 is not only impressive for its extensive functionality, but also for its compact design, intuitive operation, and high accuracy levels that our customers require."

SOURCE: GE Industrial, Sensing