News | September 7, 2018

Filmetrics Extends Its Free Cloud-Based Surface Analyzer To AFM Images


Filmetrics has extended its free 3D surface-image analyzer, ProfilmOnline, to AFM and other scanning-probe applications. This cloud-based software is also ideal for analyzing images from 3D profilometers and 2D microscopes. Processing of surface images, such as row leveling, stitching, and roughness and step-height measurement, is fast, intuitive, and can be recipe driven. Sharing images, complete with interactive 3D viewing, takes only seconds. Free Android and iOS apps are also available.

All viewer functions and some analysis functions are free forever; advanced analysis functions are free until at least 2020. Early users of ProfilmOnline are finding it ideal in a broad range of applications, including those in the semiconductor, solar, display, and biomedical industries. Filmetrics President Dr. Scott Chalmers stated, “ProfilmOnline is the first free, easy-to-use viewer for 3D surface images, which increases public accessibility to 3D surface imaging. Expanding its capabilities to the AFM market was only natural and was the result of many requests.”

Filmetrics manufactures low-cost 3D optical profilers. Its Profilm3D has sub-nanometer vertical resolution, surpassing optical profilometers that cost four times as much. It does so by using the same state-of-the-art measurement technologies as the most sensitive optical profilers available: vertical-scanning interferometry (VSI) and phase-shifting interferometry (PSI).


About Filmetrics

With over twenty years of experience in the thin-film measurement field and with offices worldwide, Filmetrics has brought its business model of high-value and unparalleled support to the 3D profilometer market. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Filmetrics has a full line of film thickness measurement systems and is continually developing new products and technologies that bring greater efficiency to thin-film metrology. Filmetrics was founded in 1995 and quickly established itself as the leader in the tabletop thin-film measurement industry.

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