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Digimarc Unveils Digimarc Automate: Revolutionizing Product Inspection With Digital Watermarks

Beaverton, OR (BUSINESS WIRE) - Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC), the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies, today launched Digimarc Automate, an innovative automated product inspection solution designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency in production, fulfillment, and distribution facilities. Utilizing advanced digital watermarking technology, Digimarc Automate surpasses systems using traditional product codes, offering unparalleled benefits in quality assurance, waste reduction, data collection, and cost savings.

Unlike traditional product codes, Digimarc Automate embeds imperceptible digital watermarks across packaging and products. These digital watermarks can be scanned by standard vision systems, enabling comprehensive product tracking and inspection without the need for visible barcodes or labels. Imperceptible digital watermarks also allow brands to maintain aesthetic integrity and consistency, especially on curved products, products with flexible packaging, and small products with limited space. This innovation in automated product inspection brings a significant leap forward in how companies manage and optimize their operations.

“Digimarc Automate is set to transform the way companies approach product inspection,” said Ken Sickles, Chief Product Officer of Digimarc. “Our covert digital watermarking technology provides an incredibly powerful tool for enhancing accuracy, reducing waste, and ensuring quality across the supply chain. This technology is not just about improving quality and efficiency— once applied to products, Digimarc digital watermarks add value throughout the product lifecycle so brands can address evolving consumer expectations and future challenges like recycling, product authentication, dual-factor customer loyalty programs, and next generation retail checkout.”

Game-changer for Automated Product Inspection
Digimarc Automate provides a clear advantage over other product inspection solutions in every setting. This advantage is especially notable in environments where other solutions are known to underperform. For non-uniform or random pack formats such as cylindrical, irregular-shaped items, or thin flexibles, Digimarc digital watermarks excel over small, visible codes, ensuring reliable scanning regardless of orientation on production lines. In tough industrial environments where products may face physical damage, code occlusion, or poor scanning conditions, the high redundancy of Digimarc digital watermarks ensures superior performance compared to visible codes. And in high-speed, high-volume manufacturing, digital watermarks are ideal for multi-variant products, significantly reducing the risk and cost of parts matching errors. Additionally, in cases where an item’s scarcity contributes to its value, as in the case of exclusive limited run products and collectibles, digital watermarks can be used to precisely identify unit volumes and prevent damaging over-production or inaccurate allocation.

Addressing the Challenges of Manual Product Inspection
Digimarc Automate also provides a cost-effective solution to overcome the challenges of manual product inspection. The reliance on human labor for product inspections not only increases operational costs but also introduces safety risks and inefficiencies. In high-speed manufacturing environments, the limitations of manual inspections become even more pronounced, often resulting in bottlenecks and inconsistent product quality. Manufacturers and brands require automated control and quality checks to prevent incorrectly matched parts.

“Studies consistently show that manual inspections are prone to errors, leading to substantial costs associated with product recalls and rework,” said Sickles. “Beyond the cost, consumer safety is a top priority for brands and retailers. Labeling mix-ups have caused food products to be shipped without proper disclosure of ingredients. In the case of allergens like peanuts, milk, or gluten, this can be life-threatening. We are excited to offer a solution.”

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About Digimarc
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies. For nearly 30 years, Digimarc innovations and intellectual property in digital watermarking have been deployed at a massive scale for the identification and the authentication of physical and digital items. A notable example is our partnership with a consortium of the world’s central banks to deter counterfeiting of global currency. Digimarc is also instrumental in supporting global industry standards efforts spanning both the physical and digital worlds. In 2023, Digimarc was named to the Fortune 2023 Change the World list and honored as a 2023 Fast Company World Changing Ideas finalist. Learn more at

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