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Covalent Metrology, Anton Paar USA Expand Surface Analysis Partnership With Nanoindenter Offering

Covalent Metrology has expanded its Anton Paar portfolio with the addition of a new STeP6 surface characterization platform. The addition represents the latest step forward for in a partnership that has included collaborative virtual events and a wide array of Anton Paar instrumentation available to Covalent Metrology clients.

Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) - Covalent Metrology, a Sunnyvale, California-based analytical services laboratory, is proud to partner with Anton Paar USA to expand the offering of Anton Paar instrumentation now available to assist Covalent Metrology clients with their analysis and mechanical testing needs.

Covalent’s newly installed Anton Paar STeP6 instrument delivers the next-generation of advanced nanomechanical testing capabilities. The STeP6 platform offers increased sensitivity, faster data acquisition times, and a broad range of benefits for Covalent’s nanoindentation, scratch, and tribology customers, such as synchronized, panoramic imaging during quantitative force measurement, mapping of mechanical properties, and probing of mechanical response properties on a nano-scale. Covalent noted state-of-the-art polymer characterization as a key driver in its decision to acquire the STeP6 system.

In addition to extending Covalent’s analytical service offerings, the STeP 6 platform also expands the portfolio of Anton Paar instruments a utilized by Covalent Metrology. It joins other cutting-edge Anton Paar measurement solutions such as the Tosca 400 atomic force microscope, SurPASS 3 electrokinetic analyzer, and more. These systems all provide flexible, robust analysis modes optimized for the characterization of polymers in applications from consumer electronics to medical devices.

Dr. Jeff Sullivan, Vice President of Metrology Partners, is thrilled to deepen the collaboration: “The acquisition of the STeP6 from Anton Paar represents a significant upgrade of our nanomechanical testing services. Anton Paar continues to demonstrate commitment to growing our partnership; and our team and our customers are genuinely excited to put this advanced system to good use in solving challenging nanomechanical problems.”

The partnership between Covalent Metrology and Anton Paar USA is not limited to instrumentation offerings. The two companies have previously partnered for highly-successful virtual events focused on a wide range of technical subject matter, and there are plans for this content expansion to accelerate in the near future.

“The value in collaborating with Covalent Metrology is clear,” said Anton Paar USA CEO Reinhard Eberl. “Covalent Metrology is a trusted partner that has the same goals as Anton Paar in terms of pushing the envelope of what is possible with scientific measurement.”

The Anton Paar UNHT3 Ultra nanoindentation tester, NST3 nanoscratch tester system, and STeP6 surface platform are now fully-installed for client use. These tools will expedite turnaround times on client projects and provide cleaner, higher-quality data. More information on the STeP6 platform can be found on the Covalent Metrology website.

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To learn more about Anton Paar indentation solutions, contact Jeff Linka at or 804.550.1051.

About Covalent Metrology
Covalent Metrology is a disruptive analytical services laboratory and platform based in Sunnyvale, California. Its mission is to help companies who use advanced materials to get better data and insights more easily and affordably to facilitate faster development and production. Covalent is dramatically changing the characterization and imaging landscape by combining transparent pricing, data platforms, and top-notch customer service with world-class scientists, state-of-art tools, and strategic partnerships.

Covalent now has over 500 customers in 20+ industries.

About Anton Paar USA
Anton Paar USA is a subsidiary of the Graz, Austria-based Anton Paar. Anton Paar is the world's premier manufacturer of measuring and analytical instrumentation used by laboratories and manufacturers during both research and development and quality control. Founded in 1922, Anton Paar now has subsidiaries in 31 different countries across the world.

Since the beginning of 2018, Anton Paar USA has expanded its USA operations to include four regional offices, with full sales and laboratory operations now taking place in Torrance, California, Houston, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, while the main Anton Paar USA headquarters remains in Ashland, Virginia.

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