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  1. Ultratech To Present At B. Riley & Co. 16th Annual Investor Conference On May 14

    Ultratech, Inc. a leading supplier of lithography, laser-processing and inspection systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs), recently announced that it will present at the B. Riley & Co.

  2. Fairview Microwave Introduces All New Line Of LNA And High Power X Band Amplifiers

    Fairview Microwave Inc., a supplier of on-demand microwave and RF components, introduces a new family of coaxial LNA and high power X band amplifiers

  3. Cypress Energy Partners, L.P. Announces Acquisition Of Controlling Interest In Pipeline Hydrostatic Testing Company

    Cypress Energy Partners, L.P. recently announced the acquisition of a 51% controlling interest in Brown Integrity LLC (“Brown”), which owns Pipeline Services International, LLC

  4. Accenture Duck Creek Enhances Delivery Alliance Partner Program Through Field Testing And Training To Offer Insurers Faster, Easier Software Deployment

    Accenture Duck Creek completed a new software delivery initiative with three members of its Delivery Partner Program

  5. ZEISS Industrial Metrology Surface And Roundness Measurement Systems Offer Additional Analysis For Increased Productivity

    The NEX series of instruments from ZEISS Industrial Metrology integrate additional measurement analysis with their new detectors

  6. New Degassed Cation Conductivity System For Detection Of Corrosive Contaminants In Power Plants

    High purity water is used in the water/steam cycle in power generation and maintaining its purity is essential to ensure that sensitive equipment such as turbines are not damaged by contaminants.

  7. Perceptron Launches ScanR™, World's First Green CMM Laser-Line Scanner Offering Extended Dynamic Range Capable Of Measuring Reflective Surfaces -- For Use With Portable And Fixed Coordinate Measuring Machines

    Perceptron, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRCP) For more than 20 years Perceptron has pioneered the use of laser scanners on portable and fixed coordinate measuring machines

  8. Rigaku Published New Method For EDXRF Analysis Of Agricultural Soils And Plant Materials

    Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. announced today the publication of a new method for the analysis of agricultural soils and plant materials by Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF)

  9. Gamma Scientific Announces New Isolated First Surface Thin Film Measurement Systems

    Gamma Scientific has announced the release of their new Thin Film Measurement Systems ( for high volume testing applications

  10. New Lake Shore Software Simplifies Material Measurements For Magnetocaloric Effect

    Lake Shore Cryotronics, a leading innovator in solutions for measurement over a wide range of temperature and magnetic field conditions, has released a software analysis program that enables researchers to quickly calculate the magnetic entropy change and refrigerant capacity of magnetocaloric effect (MCE) candidate materials from the measured isothermal M(H) and isofield M(T) magnetization curves that are recorded using Lake Shore VSMs

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