Current Headlines

  1. Industrial Scientific Announces Enhancements To The Tango™ TX1 Gas Detector

    Industrial Scientific, the global leader in gas detection, is pleased to announce several updates to Tango™ TX1 single gas monitors including extended H2S sensor range, acknowledgeable gas alerts, and other improvements

  2. Frequency Brings Top Digital First Programming To Metrological Application Platform

    Frequency, a leading platform for delivering digital first programming to cable, DTH and mobile operators, today announced an agreement with Metrological, an application platform that integrates TV and app experiences with full lifecycle support

  3. Educational Measures Pushes Live Meeting Analytics Toward Real-Time

    Educational Measures LLC (“EM”), the leader in live meeting analytics and engagement technology, announced today two Live Meeting Analytics products to help conference planners quickly measure meeting impact

  4. OptiScan Biomedical Receives CE Mark For OptiScanner® 6000 Automated Device For Monitoring Multiple Key Analytes In ICU Patients

    OptiScan Biomedical Corporation, a developer of innovative automated bedside monitoring for use in the intensive care unit (ICU), today announced that the OptiScanner® 6000 has received CE Mark certification for use in the European Union

  5. J.A. King Opens Laboratory In Birmingham, AL

    The addition of this new facility significantly enhances J.A. King’s measurement and calibration service offering for the state of Alabama and throughout the region. “J.A. King has entered Alabama in a big way,” said John King, CEO of J.A. King

  6. Trescal Acquires Exphil Calibration Labs Inc.

    Trescal (, the international specialist in calibration services, announces the acquisition of Exphil Calibration Labs Inc., a calibration services provider based in Long Island, NY

  7. Measuring Ice Clouds With An Airborne far-IR Radiometer

    In recent years, i.e., since the International Polar Year of 2007–2008, thin ice clouds (TICs) that are unique to polar regions have been revealed as standing features of the polar atmosphere during the dark season

  8. Waters CE-Marks In Vitro Diagnostic MassTrak Vitamin D Solution

    Waters Corporation announced recently that its fully-validated Waters MassTrak Vitamin D Solution is now CE-marked in accordance with IVD Directive 98/79/EC for the quantitative measurement of 25(OH) D2 and D3 (25-OH-VitD) from human plasma and serum

  9. AcuRite Announces The AcuRite® Atlas™ Family Of Environmental Monitoring Solutions With UV Monitoring And Lightning Detection

    AcuRite, the leader in personal weather station technology, is pleased to announce the new AcuRite Atlas environmental monitoring solutions

  10. VERT® Announces New Intensity Tracker With Multi Appendage Asymmetry Measurements

    VERT, a leader in wearable athletic technology, today announces the launch of G-VERT™, an intensity tracker that is breaking ground for the next generation of wearable technology