News | June 25, 2004

Mitutoyo Introduces Advanced CMM System For Full Auto Body Applications

Aurora, IL - Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the availability of a new, coordinate measuring machine (CMM) system specific for auto body applications.

The new Mitutoyo CMM auto body system is a large machine, engineered for high accuracy and maximum productivity. The system is configured around single or optional dual, horizontal CNC/CMM 3-axis probe head system operating, respectively, from one or two pylons positioned alongside a large, open bay. The bay is sized to accommodate car and light truck body assemblies and other similar, large-envelope components.

The new auto body CMM is a multi-sensor system utilizing Metris LC™-series high-speed, non-contacting digitizing probes (2- or 3-axis) and a variety of scanning, vision or conventional touch probe inputs. System software compensates for temperature and surface variations to ensure quality data acquisition under varying conditions.

The Mitutoyo auto body CMM has the speed, acceleration and resolution to help shorten lead times and yield higher quality when used in measurement/ inspection of:

  • Best fit
  • Edge/hole search
  • Surface fit
  • Large data-cloud processing

    Measuring range
    X: 6000            Z: 2400         Y: 1600
    (X: Max. 1800 mm   Y: max. 2000mm   Z: Max. 3500 mm)
    500 mm/s (866mm/s : Vector)
    Measuring speed 
    5mm/s (Target: 10mm/s) → TP200
    0.12G (0.2g: Vector)
    0.1 µm
    Accuracy :E
    16 ~ 26°C (32°C)
    Single: 25+28L/1000
    Dual:   50+35L/1000

    Mitutoyo America Corporation's nationwide network of Metrology Centers and support operations provide application, calibration, service, repair and educational programs for industry. This ensures that our 6,000+ metrology products will deliver measurement solutions for our customers throughout their lifetime. Contact Mitutoyo America Corporation, 965 Corporate Boulevard, Aurora, IL 60504. Phone: (630) 978-5385 Fax: (630) 820-7403 E-mail: Or visit our website at

    Source: Mitutoyo America Corporation

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