White Paper | December 28, 2006

Accurate Weight Data Leads To Detailed Progress Tracking

Source: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

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Case Study: HealthSouth

HealthSouth is the nation's largest health care services provider, with nearly 1,700 locations nationwide and abroad. Their vast network of highly skilled physicians and therapists using the latest equipment and technology ensures that all patients have easy access to high quality health care. At their Birmingham, Alabama headquarters, one department is dedicated to enhancing patient rehabilitation with the creation of the AutoAmbulator.

The History of Stroke and Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
The specialized field of stroke patient and spinal cord injury rehabilitation has often been quite labor intensive for therapists. Therapists not only load the patients into the equipment, but they are also the ones moving the patients legs. This limits the length of each session to 5-15 minutes because the therapists need to rest periodically.

Manual labor also affects the consistency of results. Each therapist operates differently, making it impossible to standardize movement. These variables make tracking specific data difficult, which limits progress tracking.

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Case Study: HealthSouth

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